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The "Discovery One" Experience with Kimberley Discovery Cruises

Our 25mt catamaran, Discovery One, is the perfect choice for a friendly, casual and relaxed cruise of the magnificent Kimberley coast. We will take you on an astounding journey along this pristine coastline, giving you wonderful opportunities to explore, discover and experience the Kimberley for yourself.

Unlike larger vessels, Discovery One has a shallow draft so is able to take you up close to places of interest. We also have the capacity to carry more fuel than similar sized vessels, therefore can travel further and explore more places of interest over a longer period of time. This enables us to avoid travelling at night, ensuring that you get a peaceful night's sleep without missing any of the magnificent scenery. The Kimberley has so much to offer and we don't want you to miss a moment of it!

With a maximum capacity of 24 passengers and 6 crew, after just a few days of cruising our guests are on a friendly, first name basis with everyone on board. Life on the boat is fun as our guests all share a common passion for travel, adventure and a desire to see this remote part of Australia. Our crew are there to guide you and to ensure that your time on board is comfortable and exciting. Most importantly, they want you to have the best experience possible and to see as much as they can show you of this extraordinary region.

Discovery One has plenty of deck space for all our passengers, including a large observation deck with 360 degree views, a spa and sunlounges. Our air conditioned cabins are basic but comfortable, as one would expect on a boat, and are designed to ensure that you sleep well with no interuptions. Our accommodation is all the one standard; the only difference being that some cabins have windows while some are internal. The internal cabins are a little bigger, and some have an extra bunk for a family group. Cabins are allocated on a first come, first served basis as there is no difference in price.

Our modern purpose built tenders are perfect for our on shore excursions as we can take all our passengers at the same time, thus avoiding the wait for 'your turn'. This means that we can often fit a couple of excursions into a day, taking you to more places that would otherwise be possible. Our Captain's knowledge of the Kimberley is profound, and he is always discovering new places of interest. Consequently, we don't list everything in our itineraries as we like to keep some surprises up our sleeve if time and tides allow!

Our cook is an expert at catering for a group and manages to produce wonderful, fresh and appetising food at every meal, even for those with particular dietary requirements. There is plenty to choose from and her desserts and morning teas are a specialty. The Duty Hostesses are there to help at any time and will clean your cabin, change linen and provide clean towels upon request. They will also do any laundry for you free of charge.  

The "Discovery One" experience has been enjoyed by many guests over the years, and many have either returned for a second cruise or encouraged their family and friends to join us. 



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