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Region Facts - The Kimberley in Western Australia

The Kimberley is one of the most isolated regions in Australia located in the far north western corner of the continent.

The Western Australian Kimberley region covers an area of 424,517 km2 (163,907 sq miles) this is larger than most European countries and three times the size of England. Although the region covers a huge area due to it's remote location It is estimated that there are only around 41,000 Kimberley residents. A figure that in recent years has had a tendency to grow annually. The average age of residents in the Kimberly is 28 years old.

The Kimberley's has a tropical monsoon climate and it’s defined by two distinct seasons: the wet season between November and April and the dry season between May and October. Taking in to consideration the Kimberley regions climate The Kimberley Discovery Cruises are run mostly through the dry season with few scheduled cruises throughout the wet season.

Cruises run from March to May are designed to show case the Kimberley after the wet season, with the beautiful waterfalls at their most spectacular. Cruises run from June to August concentrate mostly on the archipelagos as most of the Kimberley coastline is usually quite windy this time of year. Although the days are a little chillier than in summer they are still sufficiently warm to appreciate the tropical region in comfort. Cruises run between September and October will give you a great opportunity to see the breeding humpback whales.

Check out our Cruise Dates & Prices. The Kimberley Discovery Cruises offer the following packages:

  • Waterfall Cruise Packages
  • Explore the Kimberley Cruise
  • High Season Cruise Packages and
  • Great River Cruise Package

The Kimberley is one of nine regions in Western Australia and has become more and more popular as a tourist destination over the past years. People come to the magnificent Kimberley to discover a beautiful remote part of the continent. The Kimberley is one of the most stunning, yet untouched parts of Australia.

The Kimberley consists of ancient mountain ranges and sandstone and limestone gorges with vertical ridges. The coastline also consists of very steep cliffs in the north but is far gentler in the south. This uneven and often steep terrain makes the region very difficult to traverse especially during the wet season.

Kimberley Discovery Cruses offer astounding journeys along the immaculate coastline giving you a wonderful opportunity to explore, discover and experience the Kimberley for yourself.

The best way to discover The Kimberley coast is to see it from our 25mt catamaran called ‘Discovery One’ which has plenty of deck space including a top observation deck with 360 degree views. Our catamaran is licenced to take up to 24 passengers excluding the 6 crew members. Our crew consists of the Captain, a cook, an engineer, a coxswain and 2 duty hostesses. As there is only a maximum of 24 passengers on board it makes every cruise a very personal experience. ‘Discovery One’ is the perfect choice for a pleasant and relaxing cruise with the personal touch.

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